Nightmares in Fairyland

Recueil de contes écrits en 2011 par des élèves de la classe de Seconde Européenne Anglais

ICI ou ci-dessous

 Illustration by Anaïs Chastaing



by Juliette Olivares and Maelle Marquant

  Love by post

by Emily Deffayet

  The red... riding hood

by Flavien Padeau

  The three little pricks

by Sarah Tlili, Virginie Melique and Camille Mathevet Machy

  A magic kiss

by Léonore Flipo and Lou Andréa Delarue

  Little Black Riding Hood

by Jean Romain Houard

  The mad beauty

by Pauline Durand and Mélissa Dangoisse

  The princess and the corkscrew tail

by Laure Divanach and Marie Brindisi